UNIQUM pieces, made for both personal use and collection. Each item is of a single or limited production; numerated and never to be repeated . Details along with exclusivity are imperative to guarantee your purchases future return investment. 

Uniqum by Bellina

UNIQUM is the convergence point of design and execution of unique pieces merging quality and exclusivity.

We are focused on the constant innovation and development of new projects embracing the world of motor, fashion, interior design and more.

Welcome to your UNIQUM experience

Taking your passion inside

Business Chairs

Your favourite car never leaves you.

Tables and Desks

Take elegance and durability to your meetings.

Your true colors

wearing slippers All day

Take your home to your daily work. Doesn't matter where is your office, in a boat, building or a shop.

Suits are you

Make that your clothes represent yourself.

Classic car and boat interiors

Your cars, boat and home. Style only with the best.