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Life is about work and passion with the reward to be surrounded by the things and ones you love in every free moment. Uniqum is the convergence of dreams and life in elegant form to enjoy daily with a dash of exclusivity to increase the desire. 


Desk Chairs

Men and women take control of their office with Luxury, Style and Comfort. Full function electronic seat adjustment enveloped in Jatobá wood.  

Motor Tables

Work, Play, Eat and Sleep, there is always a need for a table. Women want class and men want masculine. Uniqum is proud to give everything and more in our single production designs. 


Drive in movie night at home or letting your client dream while waiting for their meeting. Perfectly structured, Uniqum sofas invite you to take a rest. Each detailed with vehicles emblem. 

Hand-Tailored Curtains

Italian Textiles crafted with the finest hands to produce only the best for your home, boat, or office.  

Custom Upholstery

Bring fresh, new life to your valuables with the highest quality leather and textiles.  


Tailored Suits

A perfectly fit suit keeps a working man happy. Maid to measure with personal requests included, creates your favourite garment. 

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